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Benjy Russell- Stellar Parallax

Stellar Parallax.jpg

From You’re on new bridges made of home (you found the light in a dark poem)

Level Three: The Theory of Next

2020; Multimedia video installation

*not for sale

The show ends with a multimedia video installation titled Stellar Parallax. After you (the viewer) ascend through all three levels, you’re taken to the highest point in the home. Once you enter the room, you are the subject of the work. Facing you is a wall of mirrors, that allows you to view yourself as the infinite. A camera is filming you and the feed is sent to a projector that is sending your image back to you. Which is then being filmed, and sent back to you. Giving you a visual reference for what it means to be the genesis of multiple realities.

Benjy Russell was born in rural Oklahoma, and currently resides in rural Tennessee, where he has found a thriving and diverse community of queer and trans people and collaborators. He is compelled by the conversation that happens at the intersection of philosophy, science, and art— a way to see the world prismatically and to unlearn harmful, antiquated social structures. Informed by science fiction as a model for how to shape a more desirable future, Russell’s work largely utilizes in-camera effects, using sculpture, studio lights, and mirrors to allude to magical realism.

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