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The newest addition to Germantown lives on 7th and Taylor; Manuel Zeitlin Architects has designed a series of luxury townhomes, one of which will house a series of much anticipated events on Saturday, April 28th. Come experience the Wilder space while celebrating the debut of Cobey Arner's photo book, TOUR. As you explore all three floors of the home, Projet Chocolat-- one of America's few chocolate sommeliers --will present various pairings, inspired by the space and Arner's photographs. Zac Farro (ahem, DJ Seashell) will be spinning tunes for you ears' pleasure. As ever, be sure to show up dripping in finesse.

WHERE: 705 Taylor St. @ 7th Ave North

WHEN: Saturday, April 28th @ 6-9p

Cobey Arner was raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Growing up around skateboarding, live music, and the minimal art of Ellsworth Kelly influenced the photographer’s style at a young age. His work focuses on bringing life to the every day, mundane landscapes of suburban and urban living. Arner currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Tour is a compilation of photos taken over the course of 5 months during the summer and fall of 2017. Shot all on 35 millimeter film, this is the first time I had ventured outside of digital photography. Locations range from Denmark, to London, to Korea, to the coasts of California. I was drawn to the similarities between varying cultures and countries through recurring subjects like flora, fashion, automobiles, and architecture."