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Wilder Etudes presents VOLUME

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Volume is a meditation on the space inhabited by an object, how much space resides within it, as well as its mass as it relates to the world. It may be seen as size, negative space, sound and color. There is a psychological volume taken up by images that resonate within us.

Using this theme, Wilder will be presenting an edit of work by Nashville designers and artists, including: Oliver Burrell, electra eggleston, Josh Elrod, Emil Erwin, Handy Dandy Productions, Kup Studio, Shannon Lucy, Andrew McKellar, New Dialect with Greg Pond, New Hat Projects, Kit Reuther, Jonathan Steric, and Caleb Woodard.

VOLUME will be experienced throughout a new townhome in Germantown, built by Core Development and designed by Manuel Zeitlin Architects.

1333 7th Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208 (across from Rolf & Daughters).

Opening Reception: Sunday, November 11th from 5-7pm (click to register)

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