Welcome to the Wilder Journal





1. a musical composition, usually instrumental, intended mainly for the

practice of some point of technique; a composition designed as an exercise

or exploiting technical virtuosity

2. a study



We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming opening of our newest Wilder child, WILDER ETUDES.  We will be soft launched on May 1st, 2017.  The location is in Edgehill Village– 1200 Villa Place, #301, Nashville TN 37212.  We will have some exciting neighbors, including Nashville’s first Aesop, the Warby Parker flagship showroom, the JCrew Men’s Boutique, and the wonderful Old Glory, among many others.

Wilder Etudes will feature a highly focused edit based around a theme, which Josh and I will select quarterly.  Our first theme is GREEN.  So yes, expect a smattering of Pantone’s color of the year (and its complementary friends) appearing on furniture, tabletop, jewelry ,et al.  However the theme’s edit will never be limited to a singular interpretation, and the Green show will also feature designs from recycled or up-cycled materials, fragrances with a strong green note, beautiful planters for your greenery, etc.

We will be presenting our most recently added Wilder lines as part of the Etudes launch, including Stephen Kenn (Los Angeles), Muuto (Denmark), Herman Miller (USA), The Commons (NC), Caroline Allison, and Shinola Audio (Detroit).

The edit will also feature new and especially-designed work from Wilder favorites electra eggleston, Huldra of Norway, Calico Wallpaper, Eskayel, Alex Drew & No One, Mary Mooney, Sarah Cihat, Kathryn Bentley Fine Jewelry, David Gibson, Jacki Holland, Naomi Goodsir, Escentric Molecules, Mad et Len, Nishane, Brain Dead, Haik W/, Fair Ends, Areaware, Blackbird, Shoyeido, Fort Standard, Han Kobenhavn, Chen & Kai, Modernica and Loll Designs… with more surprises to be announced!

While Wilder Etudes will vibe very strongly as a gallery presentation, it will function additionally as a showroom, in that pieces from any of our Wilder lines may be ordered and picked up from this location as well, if Music Row is more convenient to you than Germantown.

As with our flagship Germantown location, Wilder Etudes will offer a wide range of product categories, including furniture, lighting, tabletop, jewelry, apparel, accessories, fragrance, apothecary, textile, wallpaper, fine art, books, magazines, records– and even tea. We seek to create a multi-sensory feast for our guests, and are most excited by the often surprising intersections of art, life and design.

We couldn’t be more excited, and can’t wait to reveal and share this special space with you.